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SymVolli Limited is an Organisational Management System. It is a simple, low-cost web based system that will radically improve business efficiency and profitability. It was formed and is run by a Cypriot family based in Surrey. They joined the MPS GCA as a sponsor in 2013 under Nomis Limited when assisting to create our website and now continue to provide 24/7 technical support under SymVolli.



Parikiaki is the leading Greek Cypriot newspaper published in London which serves the Greek and Greek Cypriot communities in excess of 300,000 people. The newspaper was established in 1974 with the object of responding to the growing needs of the Greek speaking communities in London and the UK. We work closely with them at events such as the Cyprus Wine & Business Exhibition and Presidential visits. Our relationship also enables communication with our community through publications in their newspaper.



London Greek Radio 103.3FM is the only Radio Broadcaster in Europe to air in both Greek and English 24/7 and it is one of the UK’s first ethnic radio stations; one of only four licensed. LGR’s primary aim is to preserve the Greek culture and national heritage as well as unite London’s 400,000 strong Greek community. The MPS GCA have their own live show, Police Beat, to broadcast appeals, offer support/advice and reach out to our community.



Private DJ/Radio Presenter. Caters for Christenings, Birthdays, Weddings and much more. Specialises in Greek and English music for all occasions. If you are looking for a DJ for your special occasion, do not hesitate to get in touch with Andreas.



Archway, based in North London, is a wonderfully old-fashioned family business that has earned its reputation as a company introducing ‘cutting edge’ products Into the market, and is thus No.1 point of reference for all things stainless steel in the catering and hospitality sector. As a traditional and family run business, Archway was started by Mr. Josif Sr. under whose leadership the business remains to this day. Soon joined by his sons, who successfully managed to give the business appeal in other markets, the company today stands as the foremost stainless steel suppliers in industry. They have always supported the association in many ways but formalised their relationship as a sponsor in 2018, donating deluxe products for raffle prizes at MPS GCA events.



Police Pass is the market leader in NPPF Step 2 Examination (OSPRE Part 1), National Investigators Examination and Courtroom Skills training. Their team of experienced professionals includes a Solicitor/Senior Law Lecturer, Superintendent, Detective Chief Inspector & Detective Sergeant. Police Pass products come highly recommended by the MPS GCA with Committee Members successfully utilising them in their own career progression. Sponsorship has been secured by the association providing discounts to members to assist in their retention and development.



Met Friendly are financial experts dedicated to the police service. If you are a serving or retired police officer or work for the police service, they have the right financial products and services for you. They also welcome your family to join as members. Met Friendly also support the MPS GCA by supplying a valuable item for raffle at the Summer BBQ.

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