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Phedias Soteriou Award


On Friday 28th April 2017, the Phedias Soteriou Award was won by serving Secretary (at the time) Mario K. This was due to be discussed by those present with a winner voted on. However, the Committee took the opportunity to give Mario the recognition he deserved before his escape.

Chairperson Tom Haji-Savva said:

"Despite serving as Secretary for most of his time on the Committee, Mario strongly believed this role should never receive the Phedias Soteriou Award as it was always guaranteed to require a high level of commitment. This humble approach typifies Mario as I and many people discovered when they first met him.

I remember a long, draining shift many years ago at the Cyprus Wine Festival where we were working in hot conditions next to the booming music at the stage. The most important thing to him was the welfare and happiness of his colleagues, even though it wasn't his responsibility, he wanted to make sure everyone had water and was well rested.

And not long after, Mario was encouraging me to join the Committee. This was just the beginning, he saw where the Committee and the association needed improving by bringing in fresh blood. He fought tirelessly over the years against individuals who had their own agenda and were steering the association in different directions.

Mario turned the association into a transparent and professional unit that achieved amazing things in the organisation and the community. He has taken the association to another level, much like a family, where their are rules and expectations, where passions flare high and disagreements take place, but at the end of the day, we're laughing and joking over a meal together.

So in recognition of his efforts, we've finally got his name on the award!"


Phedias Soteriou Award Winners:

2017 Winner - Mario K

2016 Winner - Vicky M

2015 Winner - Marc G

2014 Winner - Chris M

2013 Winner - Phil P

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