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Peter Savvas Award


Costas I was declared the winner of the Peter Savvas Ward at the 2017 AGM on Friday 28th April.

Secretary at the time, Mario K said:

"Costas remains an integral member of the association and the committee. Over the years, Costas has battled serious health issues, problems at work with line managers and more recently, he faced redundancy. His unwavering support to the association is unmatched and what’s more, his ability to modernise and understand the changes within the Met and the association has become the gold standard for others who have been members for many years.

As Costas approaches the end of his two-tenure as Vice Treasurer, his support over the last year are clear. As well as attending more meetings than anybody else, he has remained in regular contact with the committee and in particular, the Secretary. Costas regularly attends community centres, sponsors and other places around North London and never complains about doing so. When uncertain, he raises his concerns to Mario and once he’s happy, he delivers a perfect and sometimes traditional, Cypriot presentation, on behalf of the association.

As well as securing sponsors such as CYTA and Yasar Halim, he has assisted in representing the association with Tavernaki.

Costas is a main reason why we have secured our new head office at The Brotherhood, breaking down barriers and opening doors for us to attend meetings and progress.

He also represents the association by assisting with the Cypriot Wine Festival and Business Expo, the Community Summer BBQ and is a guaranteed attendee to MPS GCA events where possible.

Although friendship is not a requirement for committee members, it’s fair to say that Costas is friendly with all. His loyalty and commitment was again at the forefront in October 2016 when he changed his Summer leave to ensure he could attend a colleagues wedding that was held abroad. He was present at the build-up to the wedding, during the wedding and supported by attending traditional events throughout.

Perhaps his biggest compliment is that his knowledge and experience of the Greek and Cypriot culture is second-to-none! He is fluent in both dialects, traditions and the go-to person for other cultural matters.

Costas is a stalwart of the MPS GCA and it is my honour to recommend him for this award."


Peter Savvas Award Winners:

2017 Winner - Costas I

2016 Winner - Mehmet H

2015 Winner - Tom H-S

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