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AGM 2019 Documents


The documents for the upcoming AGM 2019 are now available to members online. To view them, login to My Account and go to AGM 2019 Documents.

These include:

  • AGM Minutes 2018
  • AGM Agenda 2019
  • Constitutional Amendments
  • Phedias Soteriou Award Nominees
  • Committee Election Process

These will not be available in hard copy on the day as we are a paperless association, so please print them if you wish to have them with you.

What do I need to know?

AGM Minutes 2018

If you were at this meeting, please read them and be prepared to propose or second them. For anyone new to the association, this will give you an idea of where we've come from and an understanding of how the meeting will go.

AGM Agenda 2019

This outlines a firm structure of the day; to ensure the efficient running of the meeting, this does not allow any other business to be discussed. Please note that guests will depart after the break in order for member only matters to be discussed.

Constitutional Amendments

Changes have been discussed by the committee and proposed for a vote on the day. Additions are in green and removals are in red with strikethroughs. Should members have any concerns or objections, they must express these in writing to mpsgca@met.police.uk by 25.03.19 in order for them to be raised and discussed at the AGM. Otherwise, there will be a simple yes or no vote to the amendments.

Phedias Soteriou Award Nominees

A selection of members have been put forward for this award and this is your opportunity to help decide who is the worthy winner. Please follow the guidance contained within the document.

Committee Election Process

There are five places up for election at the AGM; should you wish to join the Committee, please follow the guidance contained within the document. Note that a member must be nominated before the deadline, this cannot be done on the day.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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